Where To Now?

You've now spent the last 3 days searching for a Multi-System, and you may even be quite pleased with what you've found. Whatever you do, do not start trading it right away. You've just begun your exploration of the markets using StrataSearch, and there's so much more you can do to ensure your success moving forward.

Deciding on a good trading system may take months, not days. You should first take the time to explore the variety of trading systems StrataSearch can find for you. Along the way, you'll also be exploring what qualifies as an effective trading system, and how you can maximize the likelihood your system will be effective moving forward. There are many traps and pitfalls out there, and you should be very sure you've covered all your bases before you begin trading. StrataSearch is an amazing tool, and it will help you find powerful trading systems, but only you can identify a system that suits your needs.

So will all StrataSearch users ultimately produce the same trading systems? That's very unlikely, since there are literally trillions of trading system possibilities that can be built from StrataSearch's prebuilt trading rules. But there is still a world of opportunities you can use to improve your StrataSearch results even further:

  • Complete the Second Tutorial.  The 3 Day Tutorial is a great starting point, but StrataSearch has so much more to offer than the simple example setups.  Directing the automated search to find systems that reflect your personal trading requirements is where you'll find the real rewards.  But you'll need to take a few more steps through the learning curve to be able to do this.  The Become an Expert! Tutorial leads you step-by-step through the learning curve so that you'll have a firm understanding of how StrataSearch works, and how you can best use it to your advantage.
  • Become a part of our user forum at www.stratasearch.com/forum. The power of StrataSearch brings up many questions and issues seldom before considered. Should you include the bull run of the 1990s in your search? If the components of the Nasdaq 100 change, is your trading system that uses it still valid? What quantitative methods can one use to identify and reject curve-fitted strategies?
  • Let your 3 Day search keep running. You might be interested to see just how much the search you started in the tutorial improves, and how long that takes.
  • Start your 3 Day search over. The nature of the scoring contains a degree of variance, meaning you might get different results the next time you run a search. To reset your search, enter the OneClick Setups and click the Reset Results button.
  • Change your evaluation periods. Some like to include the market activity of the 1990s while others do not. You should make your own choice. Enter the OneClick Setups to set the evaluation periods for a OneClick search.
  • Try other OneClick searches. We've included a wide selection of pre-configured searches, and some may fit your trading style more than others.
  • Create your own OneClick Search. If your search hasn't been finding the types of trading systems you're looking for, simply create your own search and tell StrataSearch what you'd like to see. We recommend copying an existing OneClick Setup as a starting point. See the OneClick Setups for more information.
  • Adjust or configure your own strategy filters or scoring mechanisms. If the strategies or multi-systems you're seeing are close but not quite there, adjustments can be made to the scoring as needed. Control is entirely in your hands. See the OneClick Setups for more information.
  • Search alternate Sectors. In the tutorial, we explored the Nasdaq 100 Index stocks, but there are many, many other sectors to explore. For example, try the S&P 500, or the S&P 100. Or maybe have your search include multiple sectors. See the OneClick Setups to configure the sectors used for each.
  • Enhance or Fine-Tune Your OneClick Strategies. Evaluate the Strategies in your OneClick multi-system individually. You may find that some are worth keeping while others are not. Take additional control of your search and delete poor Strategies from your OneClick multi-system while locking strong performers in place. Then let the OneClick search continue to fill in the gaps where needed.
  • Consider adding your own Trading Rules. StrataSearch comes with a very large database of trading rules, but there is always room for more. Whether you obtain them from a book, a magazine, or another source, expanding your Trading Rules database is always a benefit.
  • Consider leverage. You should use great caution here since leverage comes with increased risk, but leverage may be an option worth considering. If one were to use margins on a sufficiently robust and profitable system, there may be some higher-profit opportunities here.
  • Explore fundamental data. Few pricing services provide it, and even fewer provide it historically. But if historical fundamental data is at your disposal, consider adding new Trading Rules to evaluate it. This could prove quite helpful, particularly for longer-term holdings.
  • Consider Your Trading System as a First-Level Filter. Many traders use technical analysis only as a first-level filter, making the final decision on what trades they'll enter only after additional research. This research may include news, market conditions, impending earnings announcements, or other non-technical information. Have StrataSearch produce your initial basket of potential trades, then use the robust Daily Signals Listing to further explore the stocks from this list, purchasing only as you see fit.
  • Run additional machines. You can vastly improve your search capability by running StrataSearch on additional machines.
  • Enlist the input of a fellow trader. We see what we want to see, and traders often overlook problem areas in their systems as they chase the allure of a high annual return. A non-biased fellow trader will help you identify and investigate problem areas.
  • Let us know when you have questions. Our technical support staff has continually been praised for being fast, helpful and personal. Email us at support@stratasearch.com.

System trading is on the rise, and with that comes the increasing demand for profitable trading systems in an increasingly volatile and ever changing environment. Don't follow the unproven buy and sell signals of others. And don't find yourself lingering in the old world of manual strategy development, coding and testing one strategy after another. Embrace the power of automation and gain an edge with your own trading system customized to your needs. Embrace the future.