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Prior to submitting a technical support question for our Scrolling Desktop Stock Ticker, please review the program help and the common questions below. If you are experiencing problems with StrataTicker, first make sure you are running the latest version by launching StrataTicker by right-clicking on the program icon, and selecting Program Updates. You may also want to try re-installing StrataTicker with a fresh installation from the StrataTicker Webpage.

For comments, suggestions and support, please e-mail us at:

Note: If you have not received a response within 24 hours, please resend your message to It is possible that our spam filters blocked your message.

Responses can generally be expected within 24 hours, depending on the volume of questions we're currently receiving.

Common Questions:

Q. How do I enter my own symbols?
A. Right-click on the ticker and select Program Settings. Then navigate to the Symbols tab, where you can enter your own symbols for both the top and bottom portions of the ticker.

Q. How do I know what symbols are available?
A. All symbols and prices are taken from Yahoo! Finance. You can do a lookup there, or you can use your favorite search engine to search for symbols at Yahoo! Finance. Here are some example keywords for looking up symbols:

Example 1: Microsoft
Example 2: S&P 500 Index
Example 3: FTSE 100

Q. StrataTicker crashes immediately when starting up.
A. The ticker component may need to be registered with Windows. Use Windows Explorer to locate the program directory, and find the file RegisterTicker.exe. Double-click on this file to run it, and then try StrataTicker again. The default program directory can be found at:

C:\Program Files\StrataTicker

Q. StrataTicker launches, but I only see a white background without any scrolling symbols.
A. Your symbol list may be empty. Open the Program Settings menu, Symbols tab, and make sure you have valid symbols entered in both the Top and Bottom sections.

Q. StrataTicker does not show up on my desktop.
A. StrataTicker may be in an AutoHide state, where it displays only when the mouse passes over it. First, click on the desktop or another window to force StrataTicker into the background. Next, scroll the mouse up to the very top of the desktop. Does StrataTicker scroll into view? If so, the AutoHide feature was enabled. Double-click in the ticker to toggle the AutoHide feature, or enter the Program Settings to disable the AutoHide switch.

Q. StrataTicker launches, and I see the symbols in the ticker, but the prices are zero and do not change.
A. StrataTicker is probably not able to access the internet. If you are using a firewall, make sure StrataTicker has the approval to go through it to obtain prices. If you use a Network Proxy, see the Advanced tab of the Program Settings to set proxy information.

Q. StrataTicker is not working properly for some other reason.
A. Before submitting a question, always make sure you are running the latest version of StrataTicker. If you are able to start StrataTicker, right-click on the program icon and select Program Updates to obtain the latest version. If you cannot start StrataTicker, you can obtain the latest download from the StrataTicker Webpage.

Q. Where can I get more information?
A. Right-click on the ticker and select StrataTicker Help. This will give you a great deal of information on the main features. You can also view the FAQ page in the StrataTicker Help for additional questions.