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"You have both a great product and great service. Keep up the good work."

- m...d, Forum, 7/23/2008

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The Signal Window in StrataSearch is used when a system has completed testing and is being used for live trading. In addition to the buy and sell signals, StrataSearch provides an abundance of additional information to help confirm the quality of the signals.

Screen 1: The Signals Listing is produced daily to provide the buy and sell signals for your trading system. The buy and sell list is displayed on the top of the listing, and additional information for the selected symbol is displayed on the bottom. In this example, The Boeing Company (BA) is selected from the sell list, and a Standard Error Bands chart for that symbol is displayed on the bottom.

Screen 2: Display tabs can be set up to view web sites for the selected symbols. In this example, tabs have been set up to view Financials, Earnings Estimates, Broker Recommendations and News Stories. You can set up as many tabs as you wish, pointing to the web sites of your choice.

Screen 3: Continued evaluation of your trading system while you're trading it is very important. While back testing against the most recent data is always an option, the Recent Trades tabs in the Signals Listing allow you to quickly see the performance of the most recent trades produced by your trading system.

Screen 4: Tracking your actual trades is an equally important part of system trading. The Portfolio Manager allows you to enter your actual trades, and view a Performance Report identical to the one used in the Detailed Analysis. Even further, the Portfolio Manager offers over 20 charts, each displaying unique and helpful views of your actual trades.