15PortAPR - Average Annual Return With Portfolio Size of 15

StrataSearch uses a portfolio evaluation to determine which securities are to be bought at any given opportunity.  In essence, your investing capital is divided into investment pools, which are then used to purchase numerous individual securities.  A portfolio size of 5, for example, would allow you to divide a starting capital of $10,000 into 5 positions of $2,000 each.  Although the amount of cash invested into each position is continually adjusted based on the current equity, the same portfolio size remains in effect through the course of the evaluation.  It is therefore ideal to select the highest portfolio size that still provides an acceptable return by keeping the entire portfolio of securities in the market.

The 15PortAPR is an average annual return based on a 15-security portfolio.  The capital used in the evaluation will be invested in a maximum of 15 securities at any given time through the course of the evaluation.